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Matt Clark

Digital Data Strategist based in Amsterdam

Over 5 years specialising in Data / Web Analytics / Conversion Optimisation / UX Design and around 12 years experience in E-commerce and Web. Now based in Amsterdam (after several years working in the UK and London), my core focus is measuring and optimising digital user behaviour through quantitative and qualitative methods. I have completed over 100 digital measurement and optimisation projects with clients from the UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

Matt has worked with businesses of varying stages and scale, from digital start-ups (inc. We Heart It) to multinationals (inc. Michelin / Hallmark / Clarks), to support measurement of their digital marketing activities against business objectives - setting global digital KPIs and creating measurement frameworks to allow measurement of digital KPIs across marketing activities and web properties. A measurement framework forms the basis of a digital analytics strategy, ensuring that all the components of the organisation (department / local market / brand) are reporting and optimising to the same digital KPIs to support the overall marketing and business objectives.

I also play a hands on role in the implementation of measurement strategy through technical implementation of complex analytics flows measuring digital KPIs against business rules. Analytics implementation is combined with making use of the data often pulling together data from multiple sources (analytics / CRM / offline marketing / sales) into one place to provide a clearer picture of digital performance in easy to use dashboards and reports.

Combining analytics data with usability best practice and user insight, Matt has provided analysis to clients with recommendations for optimisation which have resulted in £MM uplifts in revenue directly trackable through split testing and analytics data. Taking a holistic view of measuring and optimising all aspects of digital marketing including price, proposition, product, target audience, user journey, brand image, usability, marketing I have

Over the last few years I developed skills to:

1. Enable business to measure it's performance using analytics data against defined KPIs
2. Harness digital data to make better business decisions
3. Understand customers through user insight and research
2. Acquire and retain customers effectively through digital marketing
3. Increase revenue from digital by harnessing split testing to optimise conversion performance

Matt is located Amsterdam, currently working as Analytics & Optimisation Lead at Blast Radius. Working for a range of international clients, measuring and optimising performance of digital activity across 26 countries with a team of up to five.

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Technical Skills

Working with clients to drive real business change

Measurement strategy

Each digital project should be measured clear business objectives and corresponding KPIs to measure success and optimise accordingly.
A measurement framework ensures that activity across every channel / market / brand is measured and analysed against the same KPIs. Just like the sports team which is constantly testing new formations, businesses which measure and optimise are the ones which win.

Tools: Any

analytics data analysis

Analysing user action data using digital analytics tools and providing razor sharp insights on property (website / social profile / content platform) and marketing performance with clear recommendations for performance improvement. Analysing a combination of both numerical analytics data and visual heatmaps proivdes deep insight.

Tools: Google Analytics / Coremetrics / Xiti / Omniture / Crazy Egg / Clicktale / Facebook Insights / Twitter Analytics / Google Adwords / Double Click


analytics technical setup

Technical setup and debugging of analytics tools in order to track user behaviour in digital property and marketing activity in line with KPIs of the project or campaign.
Including technical specifcations encompassing complex business rules and usnig multiple analytics tools simultaniously.

Tools: Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Coremetrics / Xiti / Omniture




big data

The rate of data creation is expanding rapidly. Decision makers need to have access to the right data for them at the right time without technical barriers put in their way. Big data harnesses business intelligence tools such as SiSense to connect various data sources in one place and analyse together to provide a comprehensive picture of business / marketing performance.

Tools: BI / SiSense / SQL / APIs

user insight

Analytics data provides focal points for improvement and priorities on the best opportunities for optimisation uplifts. Analytics data however, will not always tell us what issues which are causing blockages in the site funnel. User insight is the most effective way to understand issues causing friction. A range of user insight tactics to understand your websites usability performance from observed usability studies to heuristic analysis.

Tools: MORAE / / Qualaroo

UX design

Insights from data and research need to be backed by solid a solid user experience design is the strongest way to ensure a diigtal platform or application performs it's objective. Information architecture, page layouts, prototypes should be a core part of any serious performance focused web project. When prioritising and designing concepts for split testing, it is essential to have an solid understanding of user experience best practice and how it affects user action.

Tools: Balsamiq / Axure


online marketing

Understanding the user journey from awareness, consideration and then to purchase across digital (and traditional) marketing channels is key to be able to optimise marketing efforts accordingly. Experience in behaviour of each of these channels and benchmarks of performance supports this. Tracking individual users across marketing channels allows for an understand of the attribution each campaign or source has overall contribution to the business objectives.

Tools: Google Adwords / Double Click / Google Webmaster Tools / SEM Rush / SEOMoz / Hitwise / SimilarWeb / Google Trends

conversion optimisation

Conversion optimisation through split testing is the most methodical and low risk way to increase performance of digital marketing channels. Rather than moving forward with the 'best' idea decided by committee. Several of the best ideas can be tested simultaneously to understand which has the best outcome objectively. Conversion optimisation possibilities include content ranging from creative ideas for campaigns to website architecture / flow and even price of the product itself.

Tools: Google Website Optimiser / Visual Website Optimiser / Optimizely

Work Experience

Who I've been working with

Dec 2013 -

Blast Radius

Analytics Lead (Amsterdam)

Responsible for overarching strategy and delivery of data analytics & optimisation at Blast Radius Amsterdam. Working with a team of up to 5 people to deliver a range of strategic measurement, analytics implementation, optimisation and big data reporting projects.

Clients: Michelin / Ford / Nikon / Sony Pictures

Sep 2010 -


Data Strategist (UK)

Working with a range of clients big and small, national and international. Available to work on a freelance basis for clients and agencies.

Clients: ASDA Wallmart / / / Cambridge University

Oct 2010 -
Oct 2013


CRO & UX Consultant (USA)

Delivering Conversion Rate Optimisation, Web Analytics insights and User Experience flows for Ciplex an Inc. 500 top company based on the west coast of the US.

Clients: West Coast Shaving / Candle Delirium / Glamhouse / Communicare

May 2011 -
Oct 2012

Applied Web Analytics

Associate Web Analytics Consultant (UK)

Contracted for services including web analytics setup, analytics analysis, dashboard setup, A/B testing and merchandising optimisation.

Role includes project management of the above, working with clients to co-ordinate activity and involvement of third parties.

Clients: Alexon Group / Hammonds / Express Gifts / Betty's

May 2009 - Sep 2010


Conversion Specialist (UK)

Setup the Conversion Team to deliver conversion improvement strategies for clients, as well as supporting the internal development team.

Full range of tactical services provided including data analysis, in-page analytics, usability testing, usability consulting, user-centric design and multivariate testing.

Clients: Hallmark / Clarks / Harvey Nichols / Comet

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